Market Summary


Index Level Current Chg.
KSE 100 41,291 -0.6%
KSE 30 22,489 -0.7%
KMI 30 68,974 -0.9%
Source: PSX

Activity Vol mn Current Chg.
KSE 100 217.8 -0.5%
KSE 30 107.4 15.4%
KSE All 529.5 -5.8%
Source: PSX

Activity PKR bn Current Chg.
KSE 100 11.3 -14.5%
KSE 30 7.4 -15.4%
KSE All 16.4 -12.3%
Source: PSX

Participants Activity Net (PKR mn) CYTD Net (USD mn)
Foreign Inv: 310.0 -96.9
Local Inv: -310.0 96.9
Individuals -688.3 8.5
Companies 104.0 -125.4
Banks/DFIs 9.2 -86.2
NBFC 205.9 177.7
Mutual Funds 383.8 110.8
Others -143.7 30.0
Broker Proprietary -180.9 -18.4
Source: NCCPL

KSE - 100 Movers Close Index Pts. Most Traded Vol mn
NESTLE 8,300.0 26.1 TRG 58.3
PSEL 868.9 22.0 BOP 54.5
GHGL 129.7 7.8 HUMNL 14.6
PPL 160.1 -17.8 SNGP 13.1
UBL 203.7 -18.3 PAEL 11.1
Source: PSX

Currency Rate FYTD Chg.
US Dollar 104.8 0.0%
Can. Dollar 78.6 -2.4%
Euro 113.8 -1.5%
British Pound 127.9 -7.8%
Japanese Yen 1.0 -1.1%
Chinese Yuan 15.5 -1.8%
Indian Rupee 1.6 0.8%
Saudi Riyal 28.0 0.8%
UAE Dirham 28.6 0.8%
Source: Pacific Exchange Rate
 Online Trading - e-Falah Trade

Our e-Falah Trade offers its customers the opportunity to build and personally manage their own investment portfolio by trading Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) listed stocks through a web-based trading application. By using state of the art technology, e-Falah Trade redefines the way people look at financial investments, providing hassle-free and seamless investment solutions.

Execution of Trades - Buy & sell orders can be conveniently entered in e-Falah Trade and executed in real time via mobile, desktop application or through our website.

Real time rates – Access to live quotes on all KSE shares on real time basis.

Secure Transactions - All trading activities are conducted via secure and sophisticated networks.

Universal access to your e-Falah Trade Account - e-Falah Trade enables investors to conduct all their stock trading activity from anywhere in the world, at any time through the Internet.

Advanced Technology - e-Falah Trade is powered by easy-to-use advanced technology and offers great value to give its clients one of the most compelling combinations of price and service.

Real- time portfolio updates - The status of orders placed can be monitored directly, along with the status of trading account.

Opening an Account

Opening an account with e-Falah Trade is simple and hassle free. Download the e-Falah Trade app through our website or give us a call at 021-35645090-95 to request for an account opening form and we will send it to you through courier. Fill in all the details in the form and mail it to the following address:

    8th Floor, Bahria Complex III
    M.T. Khan Road, Karachi - 74000,
    PABX: 021-35645090-95
    Fax: 021-35645096
    UAN Number +92-21-111 237 111

Please ensure that all the required documents are enclosed along with a cheque/pay order/demand draft in favor of "Alfalah Securities Pvt. Ltd". Please refer to the FAQ section for clarifications.After you have submitted your Application Form you can also check your application status by calling our help desk at +92 21-35645090-95 or emailing us at

Requirements for Alfalah Trade Account Opening are as under:
  • Duly filled out Account Opening Form
  • A Minimum deposit amount of Rs. 5,000/- in favor of “Alfalah Securities (Private) Ltd”
  • Attested copies of National Identity Card of the Applicant.
  • Attested copies of National Identity Card of the Joint Account Holder. (If Applicable)
  • Attested copies of National Identity Card of Nominee.
  • Attested copies of passports of the Applicant, Joint Account Holder and Nominee (in case any of these is a non-resident)
  • Letter of Authorization from the Account Holder of the person authorized to trade in my/our account (if other than account holder)
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Employment/Business
  • NTN Certificate (if available)
  • Zakat declaration form (Optional).
  • Your application acceptance decision will be taken by the accounts maintenance unit. All new applications received have to undergo internal procedure and account opening process can take:
  • 4 - 6 working days for intercity cheque
  • OBC (Outbound Cheque) may take up to 15 working days
Online trading – e-Falah Trade - FAQs

What documents should you have to be an e-Falah Trade Account Holder?

a. Valid Computerized National Identity Card (either NICOP, CNIC)
b. Copies of CNIC for joint or nominees if any and copies of CNIC referees

How Can I open my account?

Request e-Falah Trade to send account opening form or fill the account opening form available at e-Falah Trade’s website, duly sign off and send to Alfalah Securities (Pvt.) Limited Head Office Karachi along with:
-Relevant account opening documents
-PO/DD/ local bank’s cheque in favor “Alfalah Securities (Pvt.) Limited” or,
-CDC Transfer Order in favor of Alfalah Securities (Pvt.) Limited
-Attested Copies of CNICs of:
a. Account Holder
b. Joint Account Holder (if any)
c. Nominee (if any)
d. Witnesses

Other documents
a. Power of Attorney
b. Zakat Declaration

How Can I Trade?

You will be couriered a e-Falah Trade Trading Terminal CD for java based desktop application or use e-Falah Trade’s web portal for order execution or use the latest mobile app of e-Falah Trade or alternatively you may also call on +92 21 35645090-95 or drop an email at .

How Can I Withdraw Funds and Shares

You can use your terminal and initiate payment request or email us or send a letter requesting payment against your account balance to e-Falah Trade Customer Support. Similarly in case of share transfer write letter to e-Falah Trade Customer Services and your shares will be transferred as per CDC regulatory framework upon you instructions

How Can Client contact Customer Services?

Clients residing either within or outside Pakistan can send an email at detailing your query to us or by dialing +92 21 35645090-95 from outside Pakistan

Clients already have a CDC Investor's A/C, what is the procedure to transfer shares from CDC Investor's A/C to my e-Falah Trade’s Account?

You will have to provide a CDC cheque (Transfer Order) in favor of “Alfalah Securities (Pvt.) Limited", our participant ID is 05512. Submit the cheque directly in the CDC and send us a copy of the cheque stating your E-falah Trade user ID for follow up. As soon as your shares are received your e-Falah Trade account will be updated

Can we have access to Alfalah Research?

Yes, all e-Falah Trade clients can have direct access to Alfalah Securities’ web research portal, as well as, receiving Alfalah Securities’ research emails on their registered email address.

Are there any other charges other than Trade Commission?


Can my account be refused to be opened?

Yes, e-Falah Trade reserves the right to refuse any account without assigning any reason

Where do I send my deposits and correspondences?

You may send your cheque / Pay order/DD clearly crossed in favor of "Alfalah Securities (Pvt.) Limited" by mail or drop it personally at Alfalah Securities’ office. NO CASH is accepted by us or alternatively you can directly deposit same into Alfalah Securities’ account in any branch of Bank Alfalah

For all sort of correspondence please write to following address:

Alfalah Securities (Pvt.) Limited
8th Floor, Bahria Complex III
M.T. Khan Road, Karachi - 74000,
PABX: 021-35645090-95
Fax: 021-35645096
UAN Number +92-21-111 237 111

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